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Lori is absolutely amazing. She took my poor copy and transformed it into an extremely attractive and piece of art, and in my voice no less. I read the final copy of my sales page last night and almost cried from joy. Words can not discribe how overjoyed I am.

Rolande (Smith) Sumner, CPC

If you take the time to get to know Lori you will not be disappointed!! Her knowledge reaches far and wide and she never hesitates to give you an honest answer when asked for advice or opinion! She always finds time for you and doesn’t hesitate to share her personal experiences especially when she knows it is provided to help solve a problem or make a decision!

I was pondering a business deal that would have resulted in a $30,000 investment. After discussing this decision with Lori, she was able to help me make the best decision for me without judgement! I appreciate the opportunity to call Lori my mentor and friend

Lou-Anne Hunt

Lori is a knowledgeable, compassionate executive coach who offers great insight and perspective. I always appreciate her candor and willingness to help look at all possible options. I highly recommend enlisting Lori's coaching!

Allison (Goszka) Jackson

Lori came to my attention because of a Project I was working on and her Retail Articles hit the mark for the answers I was seeking. She is very knowledgable, personable, energetic and embraced the role of Teacher during our time spent together.

Her insights and experience in the Retail Industry helped me resolve opportunities with my Client. She was patient, understanding and very clear and concise with the answers I needed. She was available when needed, returned emails in a timely manner and inspired me with her stories.

As I go forward with my consulting business, Lori will be a reference point to the time I gained my confidence to push ahead,

Thank you Lori for your Professionalism and continued support.

Cary Brandes

Lori is a powerful coach in so many domains. I began work with Lori as a professional coach and have found that whatever issues I have had--career, career change, personal challenges--Lori has effective solutions and coaching to support my growth. Lori's skill set and access to resources are off the charts. She helps me think out of the box and up my game inside the box. She is committed to my success 100%++ The breadth of her knowledge and the resources she offers are truly a gift to her coaching clients.

Sima Michaels Dembo

I had the pleasure of working with Lori during my career transition. She is both compassionate and creative, and is a wealth of knowledge. She caused me to consider some options that I had not previously considered, and armed me with an incredible amount of resources to explore all of my options.

John Ungar

Madame Karpman possède une connaissance du domaine de la franchise au Québec et au Canada de très haut niveau et elle agit gère ses dossiers avec beaucoup de professionnalisme et de compétences.

Pierre Garceau, Président et Directeur-Général
Conseil québécois de la franchise

I have had the pleasure of working with Lori in many different capacities. Lori has a very diverse knowledge profile that provides her with an ability to provide an accurate and multi-faceted vision on business matters. Her legal accumen is sharp and comprehensive. Lori is an extremly dedicated individual that takes great personal pride in her work and her business realtionships. I highly recommend Lori for senior and executive positons as she would be a very positive and productive asset.

Daniel Harvey, GMO
Quebec & Ontario East, Kelsey's

Lori Karpman & Associates has been a valued and strategic partner for the growth of Comfort Keepers in Canada. They have provided in-depth counsel for the Canadianization of our Operations Manual and is assisting us with other developmental projects. LKA has a rare combination of both legal and franchise operations experience. It also doesn’t hurt that they hava a sense of humour!

Peter Drutz
COO, Comfort Keepers Canada

Lori Karpman & Associates has been a valuable resource for all of our franchising questions and needs. Right from concept development to the first public presentation at the Franchise Show, they have been fantastic to have around to guide us through it all!

Joe Castiglione, CEO
A Taste Above

The Cure-Aiders™ designed a terrific annual chain-wide customer promotion, called Hempire Earth Day™, for us. I couldn’t be happier since it reinforces our values as a chain of ECOboutiques. It is also a charity initiative linked to eminent Canadian environmental charity, David Suzuki Foundation. This special promotion affords Hempire® a unique opportunity to give back to the environment and live our mission of sustainability all the more.

Marsha Churchill, President

Lori is a truly amazing individual.. Her skill set is off the chart. Great insights founded by a deep knowledge base across many industries including among others CPG, Foodservice in B2C as well as B2B. A motivational and captivating speaker and a very nice person to get to know. Most sincerely Hector Marsilio

Hector Marsilio

I have known Lori for many years, and I can honestly say that sheis a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She isengaging, honest and extremely well versed in all aspects offranchising. A true professional at what she does and wouldhighly recommend her work.

Rob Lancit

Lori is the kind of detail-oriented marketing manager that every business needs. With her background in law, Lori has the foresight for giving advice from the legal standpoint of your business, as well as she has the ONLY, one-stop business where a company can go to get everything they need created for their business from the legalities, to the creative side for their website, complete with the branding of their business. What a dynamo, Lori Karpman is!

Christine Till

I have had the pleasure of working with Lori on a few development deals and found her to be a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to deal with. Her knowledge of corporate business affairs and business development is only shadowed by her creativity and unbound energy. Honestly, integrity and professionalism are just a few of her traits and I call upon her often for guidance in legal matters.

Frank Deluca

Lori has an extensive knowledge of the franchising world and uses her keen business acumen, lawyer's attention to detail and her inherent understanding of people and personality to provide excellent consulting. If you are looking to evaluate, open or expand a business in Quebec or anywhere in Canada, I would not hesitate to recommend the great value that consulting with LK & Associates could bring to your projects

John Stabb

"I'm walking away having gained so much from my mentorship with Lori. She has mastered structure, system and order which has helped her build a successful business over the last 30 years, and together we implemented this wisdom into my own business with much success. I love Lori's gift of clear communication and lasering in on what needed to be focused on during our sessions together. Her open-mindedness refreshed me and her warmth and humor comforted me. Lori is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her for her business strategy coaching and leadership development services. As a young entrepreneur I feel well-equipped for this next chapter of up-leveling my business thanks to Lori's guidance. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life." - Danielle Kort

Danielle Kort